Caution, Read at Your Own Risk


This past week while checking in on my Tweeps on my SacBizTweets list on Twitter I discovered a very interesting post.  One of Sacramento’s leading hospitals and care providers (deliverers of both of my children) had tweeted about some health and food advice.  Following the link back to their website I was immediately assaulted with a pop-up requiring me to acknowledge that they were not responsible for any harm caused me by their advice.


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I momentarily paused at what type of potato recipe could be just that bad.

While I can certainly acknowledge the complications of a health provider providing health advice, I must say I sympathize with the marketers and their lost battle with their legal department.

When marketing it is always advisable to speak transparently.  Deals and offers that come with too many strings attached always leave customers bewildered and painted into a corner.  My encounter was certainly unique, dealing with a legal disclaimer before I can read a recipe, but we can all be guilty of similar practices.

Open and honest communications will plant the seeds of good will that reap long-term customers.

Have you ever encountered frustrating marketing communications?

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