Featured Source for the Sacramento Business Journal

This weekend the Business Journal has a couple of great articles discussing social business design.  For the most part, this term has been reserved for enterprise businesses who lack the agility of smaller organizations, but desire the sort of collaborative tools that can aggregate the creative energies of hundreds, and in many cases thousands, of voices into a space where traditional hierarchical systems have often neglected.  At an enterprise level these platforms are blending a proprietary conversations and process while pulling from public social streams measuring sentiment, and providing management with valuable reporting tools.

These are great discussions, and they often bleed into issues we discuss with clients regarding utilizing social media beyond “push” marketing.

It was a pleasure to serve as a source for the article regarding local start-up C7 Group.  Having worked with Jeff Marmins with the Social Media Club, I have become well aware of their innovation in the space, as well as their partnership with Jive, a leading innovator in social business.

If you have an interest introducing social platforms to an enterprise environment I highly recommend checking out the two pieces in the Business Journal, and a call into Jeff Marmins of C7 Group.