It’s about time. My return to blogging

Scott Eggert returns to blogging
For years I have been blogging. Not consecutively, but years none the less. Blogging was the initial “social media” that introduced me to the notion of online community. I was a mere consumer of online content until I began to blog and connect with other bloggers. Over the years I have blogged a lot of places, some still available online and others which have since been removed.

In recent years my blogging has been contained within the category of business, predominantly through sharing ideas and strategy around branding, marketing, and social media. When I first began working with agencies I lent my expertise to their blogs, beginning with (which has since been hacked), Augustine Ideas, then ClickSpring which I cofounded, and then Merlot Marketing. I have aggregated some of these articles here for future reference.

Over the past couple years I have been conflicted about creating a place to share more of myself. The truth is, as with most people, my work is not the sum total of who I am. I have wanted for more, to share thoughts beyond the mechanics and strategy of social media. Frankly, most of my friends and family can hardly define social media, not to mention have any interest in reading about it. I have found little patience myself in reading about social media strategy as it often reads more like a math equation than anything resembling community.

The launch of this new site,, does happen to coincide with my return to life as an entrepreneur. As such, I will continue to share some thoughts on marketing. However, I plan to explore more of the world around me. To share some experiences and perspectives I have regarding family, faith, fatherhood, food and community. In fact, are not each of these community in one form or another?

For me, my journey into the world of social media began with disaster relief in the weeks after hurricane Katrina. It’s a story I will share in greater detail another time, but it remains the most impactful and meaningful experience of my life, aside from the ongoing adventure of fatherhood. It is that meaning and connection I wish to explore in more areas of my life. It’s that sharing and conversation about the big mess of my life that I hope to make some sense from as I put words to these pages. Understand, this is more about pursuing the questions in my life than providing answers.

We’ll see just where this leads.


  • Scott Eggert  

    Thanks Julie. Adventures are always best when shared!

  • Scott Eggert  

    Coming soon Laura. I have a few lined up. Just trying to avoid boring posts, which is frankly how I feel about posting too much about marketing strategy.

  • April  

    Scott, incorporating both your professional and personal life is a wonderful idea. I have considered my own blog, and continue to wrestle with the content as I’ve felt my expertise is not niche enough nor have I wanted the online-diary tone; you have presented an inspiring path to relevant blogging.

    Best of luck!

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