The Original Social Media

Original Social Media - Letter from Michele-1

Social media has some broad and varying definitions.  Some define social media as user generated content or interactive applications.  One definition calls for the blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value.

Regardless of your preferred definition, social media involves connecting people.  It promotes collaboration and interaction between individuals and groups.  One of the major successes is the speed at which people are connected.  Social media also serves to connect businesses, brands, non-profit organizations, locations, activities to their advocates.

With platforms like Twitter, connection can sometimes seem like a tenuous thing.  Though studies have shown that these connections do have a correlation with purchasing decisions, these connections could hardly be made out to signify meaningful relationship.

That’s why I’d like to celebrate somebody trying to bring back the original form of person-to-person media.  Just a couple of weeks ago I encountered Michele Valencia.  Michele was introduced to me after she met and wrote about one of my clients.  We later met in person at an event hosted by the Sacramento Social Media Club.  Michele is endeavoring in a campaign to bring back the hand written correspondence.  She calls it 100 Stamps in 100 Days, in which I am certain she will exceed.  I use to be far more diligent about hand written notes myself.  In a world of fast paced and sometime tenuous connections, it’s nice to know that for a handful of minutes somebody thought about you for more than 140 characters.

These correspondences can go a long way to reinforcing our connections with our clients and associates, not to mention our loved ones of course.

Thank you Michele for your reminder.